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50 Latest Riddims (Ordered by descending date)

 indicates riddim popularity on the radio and in dancehalls.
Wild Bubble  ZJ Chrome13DancehallPlay
Coalition  Frank14DancehallPlay
Leggo  X5DancehallPlay
Paypa Chaser Hitmaker10DancehallPlay
Fresh [2] Fresh Fame7DancehallPlay
Calabash Ranch Entertainment9DancehallPlay
Soul Acoustic Jammy James13ReggaePlay
Beach Bunx Anju Blax12DancehallPlay
Eva Ready  Arif Cooper6DancehallPlay
Street Soul Jugglerz12ReggaePlay
Ilabash ZJ Liquid2DancehallPlay
Poison Dart GJay2DancehallPlay
Looking Glass  TJ8DancehallPlay
Affection  Liquid6ReggaePlay
RepJA  RepJA9DancehallPlay
Sun Hot  Unga10DancehallPlay
Lotus Flower Tryton12DancehallPlay
Eva Fresh  Zionnoiz11DancehallPlay
Wine Mania Category 56DancehallPlay
Wappings  Bruce Lee9DancehallPlay
So Unique Elvis9DancehallPlay
Gypsy Time Tremma8DancehallPlay
Bittersweet  Creative Noise9ReggaePlay
Kling Klang  Dre Skull6DancehallPlay
Antz Ness Antz Ness Music9DancehallPlay
Overtime [2]  Justus Arison14DancehallPlay
Bad Moon Charlie Pro8DancehallPlay
9.58 Shane C. Brown9ReggaePlay
Buss Off  Moonie7DancehallPlay
Dynamite  Chimney11DancehallPlay
Money Up DJ Smurf5DancehallPlay
Negril Weekend Romeich13DancehallPlay
Jungle Skunk  Irie Vibrations9ReggaePlay
Summer In Paris Ghetto Network15DancehallPlay
Bad Behavior Jamie Roberts5DancehallPlay
Peenie Wallie [2] Don Corleon11DancehallPlay
Poolside  Washroom8DancehallPlay
Red Wine Out Deh5DancehallPlay
Happy Daze Fras Twinz12DancehallPlay
Duffle Bag Downsound7DancehallPlay
Bull Buck Blue Sky5DancehallPlay
Mesiba BasSick14DancehallPlay
Tuff Head Truck Back9DancehallPlay
Killa  MiSik MuZik9DancehallPlay
Money Box  Chimney11DancehallPlay
World Clock Delly Ranx10ReggaePlay
Marco Polo Lawless7DancehallPlay
Warm Dem  Cashflow4DancehallPlay
Mattrass Markus Myrie12DancehallPlay
Bassline [2]  Di Genius15DancehallPlay


"You brought us down here in captivity, feed us with your brutality... Turn your back on humanity"

--Freddie McGregor: Bobby Babylon • Listen to song

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